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"Pickup service was good. Services on board was great, the village sightseeing was god, and guide spoke good English. If I could wish for two things; taking drink orders at the tables on top deck during nighttime and a stop or two at the floating market, not just driving by. Information and payment was good. Would recommend to friends. Thank you for a good trip, and experience. "
Mr. Henrik Sørensen Hoff & his wife on Mekong Eyes 2 days Cantho - Phu Quoc on March 26-27, 2013
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Mekong Explorer (Laos - Thai)

Mekong Explorer (Laos - Thai)Mekong Explorer (Laos - Thai)Mekong Explorer (Laos - Thai)Mekong Explorer (Laos - Thai)
Mekong Explorer (Laos - Thai)
Mekong Explorer (Laos - Thai)
Unique Cruises on Formerly Inaccessible Segments of South-East Asia’s most Exciting River - Cruising on the Majestic Mekong

Relive the pioneering experience of the French Mekong-Expedition of 1866 during your cruise aboard the spacious cruise vessel Mekong Explorer. Passengers of the exclusive Mekong Explorer can enjoy unique cruises through mainly unexplored regions of central Laos in the most comfortable way. Be one of the first travelers to get to know a truly unspoiled nature along the banks of the Mekong as well as during fascinating shore excursions to local villages on the route between The Golden Triangle  and Luang Prabang in the north,  the Lao capital of Vientiane and the lively market town of Savannakhet in the south.

Classic cabin
Junior suite
Lounge & Library
Top deck view
Cruising without a fixed schedule, guests of the boutique cruise vessel Mekong Explorer can expect stunning and sometimes surprising excursions to remote villages and off the beaten track colonial towns like Thakhek and Savannakhet Natural wonders such as the 7 km long cave of Konglo, which you will traverse on small long tail boats are also parts of the unique experience. The cruise is available upstream from Savannakhet to Vientiane and vice versa. Apart from being located just across a bridge over the Mekong River from the Thai town of Mukdahan, flights between Savannakhet and Vientiane as well as to Bangkok and Pakse open numerous possibilities to include this unique cruise in tour itineraries to Laos or Southeast Asia in general.

Cabins: 16
Eight Classic Cabins (approx. 12,5 m²) and Four Junior Suites (approx. 15,5 m²) on the main deck as well as two Junior Suites (approx. 15,5 m²) on the upper deck, all with wide sliding panoramic windows and a French balcony providing a fantastic view of the surrounding landscapes

Two Suites (approx. 21 m²) with a private balcony on the upper deck

The Mekong Islands - Facts
• Built in Laos in 2008/2009
• Starting operations in December 2009
• Two decks with 16 cabins in three different categories
• All cabins twin bedded, with en suite shower/WC and air conditioning
• Large sun deck on the top deck
• Restaurant/bar area on the upper deck
• All offshore excursions guided in English
• European Cruise director on board (English and German speaking)

Route map details
Click to find out more about route map and sightseeing spots of Mekong Explorer Cruises

Additional Information
Shuttle Bus service: Meeting point in Luang Prabang
Check-in: 14.00 PM
Check-out: Morning
Guide on board: English speaking

General information on travelling on the Mekong River
Daily schedule
The trip description gives you a good idea of what you can expect of your Mekong River Cruise. You will get a daily schedule with your travel documents. Because the daily agenda depends on river conditions, including water levels and other local factors, we will keep you informed of all new developments and next day’s plans in our daily briefing, which will take place in the evenings. Due to the adventurous nature of the trip, it will not be possible to always stick to the exact schedule for every day. Any trip on the Mekong entails sudden and unexpected changes of plans. In any case we organize an interesting and diverse programme for you.

Landing docks
There are very few landing stages on the Mekong River. Often you will embark and disembark over the boat’s gangway, occasionally crossing wide sandy riverbanks. We make sure any docks you use are safe. Our staff will always help you arrive safely on land and will see to the transportation of your luggage.

Caution on board
Please be carefull when walking around the ship while en route. Even though there will not be any major waves, the boat does sway back and forth occasionally, and the river presents some narrow bends. The ships have corners you can bump into or thresholds that can trip the unwary. No matter how careful the crew, some spray does occasionally make its way onto the deck, which may make it slippery. Please do not throw anything overboard, including cigarette butts.

Medical Advisory
The cruise ship is equipped with a first aid kit as well as some basic medication. Local doctors usually speak very little English, but your travel guides will help you with any necessary translations. Local hospitals usually only contain very basic medications, which is why we strongly advise you to get international health insurance before travelling abroad, which will cover the cost of repatriation in case of an emergency.


There are no laundry facilities on board. You can have your clothes cleaned in bigger towns like Chiang Saen, Luang Prabang or Vientiane.

Mobile phone reception and communications
Mobile phones can only be used near bigger towns, most of time there is no network. Only a few service providers have roaming agreements with Laotian providers. Your connection will be better in Thailand. Please contact your mobile service provider for more information on these countries. Make sure that your mobile phone is equipped for international roaming. We have a satellite telephone on board in case of an emergency. The use of all radio transmitters is prohibited.

Water and Hygiene

Our staff uses only purified and pre-boiled water for all food preparation. Please avoid all food offered by street vendors, no matter how tempting it may look. Avoid ice cream, sugar cane specialties, salads and any fruit that still has its peel or that you have not peeled yourself.

Shoes and clothing

Please remember that it can get quite cold at night during the winter months (November to February), it can cool down to about 8 degrees Celsius.  Make sure to bring warm clothes.  Daytime temperatures often reach 23 to 25 degrees Celsius – in the summer temperatures can be even warmer than that. Please also pack a jacket for ocassionally strong winds onboard the ship. You will need comfortable and solid shoes with sturdy soles for all land excursions. When visiting a Buddhist temple or other holy sites, remember to bring footwear that can be taken off and put on easily, as shoes must be removed before entering all temples. In general shoes are taken off in South-East Asia when entering a private house or home.

Drinks at the Bar or in the Restaurant

You will be asked to sign for all your orders at the bar and pay them at the end of your trip in cash. Currency used on-board is either US dollars or EURO. We will be happy to convert prices into your currency. We also accept the following credit cards on board: Master/Eurocard and VISA.

Handouts and donations

Please do not give money to children. Some of the villages have very little experience with tourists, yet children have quickly learned that western tourists can be very generous and that they can make more money with a sad look than their parents earn with a whole day’s work. If you’d like to give them something we suggest ball-point pens, post cards of faraway places or school notebooks as more sensible donations. In any case we ask that you refrain from making gifts to any individual child or family in these remote villages. Please ask your local tour guide if you wish to make a donation, and they will hand them to the village elders, tribal leaders, or the local school. At this point, few beggars are encountered along the route.

During the river cruising season, from June until September the sun rises at around 6 am and sets at around 6:30 pm. Between October and January sunrise is at 7:30 am and sunset at 5:30-6 pm.

Crossing the border

If your route incl. border crossings, your cruise director will inform you about all the formalities before reaching immigration.

A word of advice…

Your trip will take you through regions with entirely different customs and mores. For example time has a totally different meaning in this part of the world. Sit back, relax, and look forward to a few unique and spectacular cruising days. Please understand that things don’t always work according to the rules of Western efficiency and punctuality. So enjoy the moment – the days have been carefully planned and arranged, but in Southeast Asia unforeseen things may happen anytime.

We are always there for you, and you can be sure to be in the best possible hands.
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